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Interview with Una Crudden – “This may be a silent killer, but I’m not going to be silent about it. “

Una Crudden is 60 today.  It’s a birthday she didn’t think she would see.  Five years ago she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.  She had originally been misdiagnosed.  That misdiagnosis meant that by the time her cancer was caught,

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Women are born equal but everywhere they are in chains: Adapted from Rousseau.

I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember. I was a feminist before I was aware there was such a thing as feminism. My awareness of the subjection of women to man’s laws began at a very

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We need to look at the past through a gendered lens. (Andree Murphy)

Tonight’s blog piece is written by Andree Murphy, Deputy Director of “Relatives for Justice.”  Andree has worked on behalf of victims for many years, and examines why in dealing with conflict, we need to look at issues encountered by women as

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Gang Bang, Ulster Style – The “Romper Room” Murder. (Jeanne Griffin)

Of all of the deaths in the so called “troubles”, the following has haunted me since I read the details.  This is Anne Ogilby, a beautiful 31 year old, single mother of four. She’s dead now.  Beaten to death.  By

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