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Ann Allan – Why I’m Going To Malone House…

On Wednesday 5th November I’m off to Malone House to the launch of the Northern Ireland Open Government Network. I have been involved for the last few months in helping to get the launch up and running and I’m looking

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Ann Travers – Spotlight shines on ‘abuse’ handling

A Woman who claims that she was raped by an IRA man and subsequently forced to endure an IRA “investigation”, will tell a BBC NI Spotlight documentary tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 10:35 that she was made to go into a

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Jayne Olorunda : Animal Slaughter – My Vegan Challenge

If someone had told me a month ago that very soon I would be a vegan I would have laughed, because then I was just like everybody else. I ate meat, drank milk and barely glanced at the products I

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Ann Allan: Twaddell – Holding out for a hero.

I don’t live on an interface so I am looking at the situation at Twaddell from a place of peace and tranquility. One where people get on with their day to day lives and where flags and marching and protesting

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Jeannie Griffin : Easter eggs for Burke Street.

Mary Jane Brown does not have a statue or monument in Belfast erected in her honour. Ideed few if any would even know or care who Mary Jane was. I do and this is briefly her story although her life

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The Ann Allan Blog : They’re taking my teeth – and leaving my wisdom.

I promised I would keep you up to date on my implant journey so here goes. At the end of June I eventually got round to having my scan. Those of you who read my blog ‘Maybe I’ll get some

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