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EXCLUSIVE : “Some people will think ‘murdering bastards’, but we’re working to change things for the better.”

For the first time, in an exclusive interview with Vixens, senior members of the Loyalist Community speak in depth about criminality, racism, Adair, perceptions of the UDA and conflict resolution.  Síofra O’Neill explains… As someone who would be perceived to

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Gang Bang, Ulster Style – The “Romper Room” Murder. (Jeanne Griffin)

Of all of the deaths in the so called “troubles”, the following has haunted me since I read the details.  This is Anne Ogilby, a beautiful 31 year old, single mother of four. She’s dead now.  Beaten to death.  By

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Loyalty (Ann Travers)

Many people in Northern Ireland are driven by loyalty. Loyalty to the flag, loyalty to the Queen, loyalty to “The Cause”, loyalty to their political party and loyalty to their leadership. For many families though the thing that drives them

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