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Former CIRA Commander Tommy Crossan shot dead in Belfast.

A former Continuity IRA Commander, under death threat from the organisation he once led, has been shot dead in Belfast today. The dead man, father of four Tommy Crossan (44) an election candidate for Republican Sinn Fein in 2001, fell

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“The Night the Music Cried.” Unanswered questions surrounding the Miami Showband massacre. (Jeanne Griffin)

The red torch moving in a circular motion like a bloodshot eye in the middle of the dark Ulster road didn’t cause alarm for trumpet player Brian McCoy. A veteran member of the popular cabaret group, the Miami Showband, he

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

This morning, on BBC’s Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme, I listened to yesterday’s Vixen blog writer, Julie Hambleton give an honest and moving interview in which she talked about her experience of fighting for justice on behalf of her sister, Maxine,

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All victims have the right to justice, and nobody should be above the law. Ann Travers.

In the wake of further revelations regarding ‘On the Runs’, tonight’s platform piece comes from Ann Travers, who speaks movingly about the effect her sisters murder and attempted murder of her parents has had on her and her family to

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Gang Bang, Ulster Style – The “Romper Room” Murder. (Jeanne Griffin)

Of all of the deaths in the so called “troubles”, the following has haunted me since I read the details.  This is Anne Ogilby, a beautiful 31 year old, single mother of four. She’s dead now.  Beaten to death.  By

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Loyalty (Ann Travers)

Many people in Northern Ireland are driven by loyalty. Loyalty to the flag, loyalty to the Queen, loyalty to “The Cause”, loyalty to their political party and loyalty to their leadership. For many families though the thing that drives them

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