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Sarah Wright : Union refuses permission for sexual consent workshops.

In 2010, the National Union of Students (NUS) ‘Hidden Marks’ report found that 68% of respondents had been the victim of one or more kinds of sexual harassment during their University career. Further research in the 2013 ‘That’s What She

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Ann Allan – My French Experience

I awoke on my first morning in France tired from lack of sleep and unsure where I was. It was a bit overwhelming for a naive seventeen year old. The sound of a train chugging near to my window reminded

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Linda Ervine : Language and Country belongs to us all.

Although I am a Protestant I didn’t grow up in a traditional unionist family.  My family were socialist, trade unionists; they stood against the tide of religious paranoia and hatred which swept through Northern Ireland in the late 60s and

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Gerry Adams. Revisionism at its worst.

“Republicans were always law abiding.” “Everyone who is involved in trying to bring about change, whether it is suffragettes or people involved in armed actions, of course they broke the law, that’s a given…but here we are in peaceful times.”


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Paisley the Saint? Remember him as he was, not as we want him to be.

“If my mammy was alive, she’d be dancing in the streets.” So said a woman who grew up in Republican West Belfast to me earlier today on hearing the news that the Reverend Ian Paisley had died. “It’s very sad”,

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Marching to a different tune? Unionism, and the “graduated response.”

The outcome of a Parades Commission decision regarding an application for a “religious service” to walk past Ardoyne shops to commemorate the Ulster Covenant could have “serious implications” for politics, policing and parades, Vixens has learned. The Commission are to

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Jayne Olorunda – Stop, look and listen.

I used to cringe when someone asked me about my Dad. I’m not saying that losing someone in the troubles is embarrassing, but a part of me hated telling those not in the know what became of him. Why? Recently

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Claire Mc Ging – Women in NI Politics?

    Women, Political Parties and Candidate Selection in Northern Ireland   Claire McGing, Department of Geography, Maynooth University, County Kildare,   The Assembly and Executive Review Committee at the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly has begun a review of

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Ann Allan. ‘1965 – Not a great year’.

    1965 wasn’t a great year. I got awful results in my Senior Certificate. The equivalent of GCSE. It was decided I would repeat some of the subjects to try and improve my marks. So it was with a

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