Politicians call on Sinn Féin to remove IRA items for sale.

Sinn Féin have again caused controversy over “IRA Undefeated Army” items available from their bookshop, with political parties and victims campaigners calling for the party to remove them from sale.

Ranging from t shirts to badges and fridge magnets, accompanied by images of IRA gunman and the message “undefeated army”, the memorabilia is available for sale in Sinn Féin shops North and South, and on their online webpage.

Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland, speaking to Vixens said; ”

“Firstly, this demonstrates a stunning lack of compassion for the victims of IRA terror.  Browsing Sinn Fein’s online shop is a terrifying insight into their idea of reconciliation.  How could anyone not see how items like this would be deeply hurtful and distressing to victims and their families? It is sickening that such items are being sold to keep the lights on at Connolly House.

“What sort of message does this send out to our children?

“Secondly, what does this even mean?  IRA Undefeated Army?  Is this the same IRA which decommissioned weapons and signed up to power sharing at Stormont?  The same IRA whose former Commander this year toasted the Queen at Windsor Castle?’

Victims campaigner Ann Travers, whose sister Mary was shot dead by the IRA leaving mass in 1983, said “Glorifying murder and loss of life is surely where we want to move away from.  This is yet another example of Sinn Féin’s lack of mindfulness for all of the IRA’s victims and indeed those who suffered violence and lost loved ones from Loyalist Paramilitaries.  I am absolutely disgusted when Gerry Adams talks about the Hunger Strike March today in Derrylin being carried out in a “dignified fashion”.  There is nothing dignified about these crass t shirts etc. – and if Sinn Féin are serious about reaching out – they will withdraw them from sale immediately.”

A spokesperson for Fianna Fail said “I believe these mugs are an insult to the many families across the island of Ireland who lost members of their families due to heedless and needless IRA violence and murder.There are still families who do not know where their loved ones are buried .It would be in the interest of Sinn Féin to address those issues instead of selling war crime memorabilia”.


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