Sinn Féin profit from Palestinian crisis.

Sinn Féin stand to make money from the sale of items relating to the ongoing crisis in Gaza, Vixens has learned.  (UPDATE) – They have also marked up their prices on items from our enquiries yesterday.

A number of items relating to Palestine are on sale online in the Sinn Féin Bookshop, and in their shops in Parnell Square and on the Falls Road Belfast.

Sales of the items have increased in recent weeks, due to public interest in the attacks ongoing by Israel on the Gaza strip, with the result that jerseys on sale are almost sold out.  The party have been supportive of Gaza, and criticised Israel in recent weeks. The Palestinian Ambassador, Ahmad Abdelrazek, is due to speak at the party’s Hunger Strike Commemoration in Derrylin on Sunday.

Vixens contacted the Sinn Féin Bookshop in Dublin to enquire if the party had many items left.  “We are finding it hard to keep up with demand”, a staff member said.

When asked if proceeds from the sale of the items was going to Gaza, the shop worker confirmed that 3 Euro per jersey, 20% from sale of Palestinian scarves, and 50% from sale of flags was being donated.  He did not inform us which organisation would benefit from the percentages donated.

Sinn Féin stand to make more than their costs on the sale of the items, meaning that the party will benefit from the upsurge in sales, due to public interest increasing.

Ulster Unionist MLA MIchael Copeland, commenting after viewing the items for sale, said,

“It is absolutely shameful if anything less than 100% of the money being made on these items is not going to a charity such as the Red Cross which is delivering humanitarian aid in the region. 
“Sinn Fein also needs to make clear exactly what they mean by “Gaza”.  There should be no doubt that the money being donated is going anywhere other than a registered Non-Government Agency providing humanitarian aid to civilians.’  
Some of the items for sale below.  A Keffiyeh scarf, which yesterday was listed for £7.92 is today obtainable for £7.97, while other items at the more expensive end of the price scale have been marked up also since our enquiry yesterday.
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