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Exclusive : Was Martin McGuinness the head of the IRA’s Northern Command?

A note written inside Long Kesh  from one IRA Commander to another,  dates Martin McGuinness’ departure from the Northern Command of the organisation to 1995, at a time when he was also Sinn Féin’s chief negotiator. While it has been

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Note from IRA man raises questions on Loughgall.

                          Brian Arthurs. A typed note from one former IRA commander to another may shed light on a mystery surrounding the killing of eight IRA men and one civilian,

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Former IRA women complain of pornography, but where do they stand on abuse revelations?

In today’s blog, Catherine Mc Cartney explores a communique on Pornography written by female IRA prisoners in the mid nineties, chastising their male counterparts in the Republican Movement. ‘The ultimate form of domination, next to murder, is rape.’ Very few


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West Belfast – It’s Criminal to repeat the myth that it’s ‘everyone else’s fault but ours.’

This blog examines some of the problems associated with West Belfast, the IRA’s role, and the resultant legacy that comes with deflection of responsibility.  Jobs for the boys and girls In the early days in West Belfast, it was a

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Valentine’s? Boke inducing rubbish! (Áine Carson)

In tonight’s blog, Belfast based freelance journalist Áine Carson gives us a taste of just what Valentine’s Day means to her. ROSES are red violets are blue you’re an aul bastard                  

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Do you dunk your Penis?

As every mother knows, parenting can bring with it many challenges.  It’s extremely enjoyable, and there is nothing like the feeling when your little one is full of fun and frolics, even when your house is upside down after the

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Constitutional Question is Holding us Back. (Lyra McKee)

In tonight’s blog, Freelance Investigative Journalist Lyra McKee gives us an insight into her life growing up in North Belfast, her thoughts on the recent SDLP row regarding Justin Cartright and the constitutional debate – and her hopes for the future. Growing

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Loyalty (Ann Travers)

Many people in Northern Ireland are driven by loyalty. Loyalty to the flag, loyalty to the Queen, loyalty to “The Cause”, loyalty to their political party and loyalty to their leadership. For many families though the thing that drives them

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People Power at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis

Not every political party is as media savvy as Sinn Féin these days.  Sure, they try the auto cues  to perfect their delivery of oft boring speeches to the media, yet seem to fail miserably (remember Alasdair Mc Donnell, anyone?)

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