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Feminists give feminism a bad name.

As a thirty something woman in Ireland, I think I have it good.  I come from a family in which the matriarchs rule the roost, and I’ve unconsciously carried on that tradition.  Up until this week, I’d considered myself a

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We need to look at the past through a gendered lens. (Andree Murphy)

Tonight’s blog piece is written by Andree Murphy, Deputy Director of “Relatives for Justice.”  Andree has worked on behalf of victims for many years, and examines why in dealing with conflict, we need to look at issues encountered by women as

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

This morning, on BBC’s Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme, I listened to yesterday’s Vixen blog writer, Julie Hambleton give an honest and moving interview in which she talked about her experience of fighting for justice on behalf of her sister, Maxine,

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Justice 4 the 21 “Their silence and inaction is insulting”

On 21 November 1974 our beloved sister, Maxine, who was aged just 18,  went out to meet some friends to hand out some party invitations at a local pub in Birmingham. 15 minutes after entering the pub she had been

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