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Victims Blog : Ann Travers : Gerry Adams court case, memories and pensions.

  The last number of weeks have been tough one for victims in Northern Ireland.   If you have lost someone or part of your physical self in the “troubles”, or if you have been emotionally or mentally affected, then it can’t have

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Jean Mc Conville : The dogs on the street know who did it.

There couldn’t have been a more intimidating sight to the children of Jean Mc Conville than the scores of republicans who turned up on Saturday afternoon, and who congregated at the top of Derby Terrace in the Divis estate in

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Jean Mc Conville investigation – Gerry Adams arrested.

Vixens broke the story this evening that Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Féin, has been arrested by the PSNI in connection with the ongoing investigation into the murder of Jean Mc Conville. Mr Adams (65) presented himself with his solicitor, Seamus

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Private : Internal Sinn Féin Minutes. Adams “I wish it would all go away”.

Today Vixens asked Gerry Adams TD on #AskAdams with @impartialrep, whether he had ever wished the Abortion discussion within his party would go away.  While he did answer,  he didn’t address the content of the question. His answer was that

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