The Ann Allan Blog : They’re taking my teeth – and leaving my wisdom.

I promised I would keep you up to date on my implant journey so here goes.

At the end of June I eventually got round to having my scan. Those of you who read my blog ‘Maybe I’ll get some wisdom teeth’ will know I chickened out at the last minute.  I got the results the next day and my bones are dense enough to continue with the implants.  Next will be an impression. In the meantime toothache reveals that I need another tooth out. Antibiotics soothe the pain and a date is set for the extraction. I’m also informed that I may as well have another one out at same time. It’s going to need taking out sometime in the future so it may as well be now. I swear in my head. This is getting serious now.


Now, in the meantime I developed a pain in my left foot. I found it painful to put my foot on the floor in the morning. So I made an appointment with a podiatrist. As I stepped into the waiting room with others of a determinable age I thought that’s it I’m old.  Those of you of a similar age will identify with the fact that others are old but you’re not. Mrs Allan the young man said after a quick examination do you know you have one leg longer than the other?   I wanted to laugh out loud but didn’t think that was appropriate. He went on to add and also one foot is shorter than the other. It suddenly dawned on me that was why when I looked in a mirror one shoulder was lower than the other. I was lopsided.  This was causing the pain as I was compensating for my condition and had developed planter fasciitis. Wondered if that was because my family originated from Somerset.  With my foot strapped for five days I made my way out of the clinic. As I passed the shop windows I couldn’t resist looking at my reflection. When I returned home and told the hubby I could no longer hold back and when I told him what the problem was we laughed till the tears rolled down our cheeks. Well mine sort of veered of at an angle. I made a note to always lean to the right side or should that be the left?

Oh yes the teeth. Returned and had impression. Blue malleable material put in my mouth. Bite hard said the dentist. As he was holding my mouth slightly open I was wary of biting his finger. When the mixture was hardened he took it out. Appointment now made for extractions.

You’ll never believe that when I woke up the next morning I thought there was lightning about as I could see flashes of light in my right eye. After determining that was not the case, I realised that I was the only one privy to these flashes. I could also see what looked like a huge cobweb out of the side of my eye. Shit I thought. Well wouldn’t you? I have a detaching retina. Well that’s what it said on the interweb. I put up with it for at least five minutes before heading down to the optician. I’m getting through the professions rightly I thought.  Come back at five and we’ll fit you in the nice man said. I did and he explained that sometimes a little bit of jelly at the back of the eye detaches itself and causes what I was now experiencing. He went on to say that he could send me up to casualty to have it checked out. This could take hours. Or I could pay £25 and he could do it for me. No competition there.  It appeared he was right; there was no need for panic. The condition would settle down in a few days and he was right. So I’m now veering to the right, I’ve floaters and flashing lights in my eye and I’m about to lose half my teeth. Jesus!

Back to the teeth. My first two extractions were due to take place on Monday 8th September. All weekend I psyched myself up. It wouldn’t be that bad. It would be over quickly. I was very brave. On Monday morning I took an extra anxiety pill. We planned ( hubby was taking me) to leave at 11.30 so I would arrive on time and no sitting about. At 11.10 the phone rang. Mrs Allan you know you are supposed to be having your extractions this morning. Er yes at 12. No she said at 11. Whoops! I’m sorry she said as you’ve missed your appointment we will have to reschedule it. So that is why I’m going to have to go through the whole preparation thing again. If you read this after 2 October I should be two teeth less. Fingers crossed.

Vixens would like to wish Ann a very speedy recovery from her Wisdom Teeth extraction – follow her on Twitter here : @apallan 


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2 comments on “The Ann Allan Blog : They’re taking my teeth – and leaving my wisdom.
  1. Aging is definitely not for the faint of heart- but glad to hear you are “aging” with your youthful sense of humor!!! Love to you and Gordon.

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