Gerry Adams. Revisionism at its worst.

“Republicans were always law abiding.”

“Everyone who is involved in trying to bring about change, whether it is suffragettes or people involved in armed actions, of course they broke the law, that’s a given…but here we are in peaceful times.”

Gerry Adams speaking to Noel Thompson on today’s BBC Good Morning Ulster.

So there you have it.  The IRA were law abiding downtrodden people doing the right thing to make everything better for everyone.  Just like Emmeline Pankhurst.

UPDATE – tweeter @Wasthatmee has written to us to say “Can hardly see him throwing himself in front of the King’s Horse.  “I was not aware of a race and I do not recall being a jockey.”


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3 comments on “Gerry Adams. Revisionism at its worst.
  1. I know, I nearly choked on my cornflake.
    The thing that gets me listening to Gerry speaking, is that he does it so casually, I think he has been telling fibs for so long, and getting away with it, that he knows he can just talk a load of bull**it, and he is immune from the normal public reaction that affects politicians’ popularity.
    He came out with another shovelful the other day about Peter Robinson wanting to return to a one party Orange state etc. etc.
    Where the hell did that come from?
    Is this guy on something or has he just reverted to the early seventies Republican propaganda?
    I have come to the conclusion that he has been spending too much time talking to his teddy, or maybe he has been hugging a tree. and something has fallen on his head!

  2. amghobsmacht says:

    It’s amazing how many people swallow such codswallop too, it’s almost taken as ‘a given’ in some quarters.

    For a sobering dose of Provo ugliness I sometimes delve into this chap’s blog:

    I can’t say I’m a fan of his politics but the sheer horror of Gerry’s lads is on display there for all to see, warts n’all.

    If you can get round the bias you are left with a gory exhibition of inexcusable acts which are troubling for would be revisionists.

  3. seaanuineill says:

    O’Brien “Now Winston, how many fingers am I holding up.”

    Winston “Five” [SCREAM…..]

    O’Brien, “Wrong, it can be four or six, it all depends on what I say it is.”

    I quote from memory, but I think its reasonably accurate…..

    And there was me having hell on wheels defending our record in NICRA and the PD over on Slugger, for saying we were actually Peaceful and pluralist before Baron Bannside’s baleful intervention at Coalisland……..

    As Yeats said about governments, (seems to apply to individual members of governments, and even wannabees, too!) they can only be judged by the number of their victims!

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