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FORMER NI21 council candidate Jayne Olorunda has revealed she has joined the Alliance Party.

Her announcement comes as Irish publishers Maverick release her book Legacy worldwide on all digital platforms.

Jayne, 34, from Belfast was just two years old when her father, Nigerian born, Max Olorunda was killed by an IRA incendiary bomb which detonated prematurely in Dunmurry aboard a train from Ballymena to Belfast in January 1980.

Legacy tells the story of how her family lived with and continue to live with the aftermath of her father’s tragic death.

Earlier this year Jayne joined NI21 saying she had found her “political home” but quickly because disillusioned by the disorganisation and lack of experience throughout the new party.

Now, having experienced the political arena in a “baptism of fire”, Jayne says she understands the process much better and feels that an established party such as Alliance can offer her a stable political home.

“I left NI21 straight after the election by email on May 25, after this many events began to unfold and the party seemed to be imploding.  However, I still wanted to be part of something that stood for change and that’s why after speaking with representatives from the Alliance party I became a member of the party.”

But before she considers any more major political moves Jayne said she’s concentrating on getting her story out there so that she can help others in similar situations.

She said: “Maverick took the book on as soon as I sent it to them. I was looking for an Irish publisher and one that doesn’t shy away from real issues.

“Looking at Maverick House’s other books  I knew they were right for Legacy and Legacy would sit well with them. I feel really privileged to be one of their chosen authors.”

For more information about Legacy log on to or download a copy on all digital platforms including Amazon, eBook, Kindle etc…




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