Ever wondered just how Sinn Fein manage to know who has voted for them on polling day, and who they need to still get out?  The answer lies with a car, a pen, a post it, and a caravan. Yes, a caravan…

Remember the SInn Fein caravans you used to see outside the counts?  As time has changed, and Sinn Fein has gone for the respectable look, some have been replaced by Gazebos, but the operation to get votes out, is still done in the same way. 

Every polling station allows some party workers to mark off sheets inside the polling stations as voters come in.  Those sheets are not allowed to leave the room.  But SF need the info on them so they know who has voted, and who they need to rap on the doorstep to get them out to vote, offer lifts etc.   

The answer?  Post it notes, with the numbers written on them, and smuggled outside to the caravan  / gazebo / office.  There, they are given to a central person who marks them off a chart sheet – and compared with whether a person is a green or a yellow.  Come 6pm, Sinn Fein put a last push on going out to the doors,  and basically trying to trail their green voters who havent made it to the polling station out.  That’s where the car comes in, they’ll even try to take you there themselves. 

So, there you have it, no excuses now if you are a political party, you have the very basic information to ensure you have a blueprint to canvass courtesy of the SF model.  We may revisit the topic in more depth at a later stage, but come the next elections, parties now have no excuse!   


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2 comments on “PART THREE – POLLING DAY
  1. steve white says:

    Those sheets are not allowed to leave the room.

    the detail on that pls

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