What’s that Peter Robinson? Not happy at ‘On the Run’ deal?

This blog will look in full at the issue of ‘On the Runs’ next week. Suffice to say, we have been digging around. We have had information dealing with this issue for quite some time. We can provide photographic evidence of one “on the run”, back home in August 2000. That person had been assured that they would not be arrested, and personally collected and returned to West Belfast by Gerry Adams private secretary. We will look at the agencies involved at a later date.

Suffice to say though, when we get a piece of interesting information, we cross reference it against other material. Take Peter Robinson for example. This was his comment yesterday after judgement was handed down on John Downey’s case.

“This conclusion is an outrage and a dark day for justice in the United Kingdom,” he said. “It is little wonder that some have lost faith in our justice system. Mr Downey was being tried for one of the most heinous atrocities of the Troubles, but has now invoked a get out of jail free card which he and his cohorts were handed by Tony Blair’s government.
“As has been witnessed in recent days throughout the United Kingdom, Blair could not be trusted. The letters his government issued to some terrorists were ill-conceived. No one should be above the law and everyone should be equal under the law however this shortsighted and irresponsible process has now denied justice to victims of PIRA terrorism.”

A very strong quote from the First Minister.

Now, here is an excerpt from Jonathon Powell’s book regarding what the DUP knew about the ‘On the Run’ deals.


Need we say more?

Postscript: Gregory Campbell speaking on the Nolan Show this morning stated the DUP knew nothing about On the Run deals.  TUV’s Jim Allister has issued a press release this morning dealing with Powell’s claims,  Campbell, and questions for OFMDFM  http://www.jimallister.org/2014/02/downey-case-the-stormont-fallout/#more-1125


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One comment on “What’s that Peter Robinson? Not happy at ‘On the Run’ deal?
  1. […] on all of this Downey affair. There’s a couple of pieces which are worth noting quickly. One, the vixens have dusted down their copy of jonathan Powell’s Great Hatred Little Room to bring us […]

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